Pickleball Myths And Misconceptions That Are Killing Your Game

Pickleball is one of the most engaging and easy to play sports that combines the attributes of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Just like every other game, myths and misconceptions are rising in the pickleball game as it gains popularity. We have collected the most popular Pickleball myths that have been surfacing recently and busted those myths by pointing out facts. But before we bust some myths, let us look at where these myths come from:

Origin Of Myths In Pickleball

Pickleball started gaining popularity in recent 5-6 years and before that, if we go back 15 years, only seniors were playing this game. There were hardly any young players 15 years ago and nowadays there are plenty of your players playing this game. So, 15 years ago games were different and this is how myths are formed. Over 15 years, pickleball has changed a lot but the conception of society remains the same giving birth to myths and misconceptions.

Pickleball Myths

  • It is an Elderly Sport Only

Pickleball is known to be a senior game that may have been true 15 years ago but today that is entirely false. It is a sport for all ages. As long as you are older than 8 you can play this game. Furthermore, in modern days there are different skill levels present, from kids, teenagers to middle-aged men and seniors, all play this game. It may have started as a practice game to keep seniors’ health in check as it requires less space to move around but as it gains popularity, younger generations have also started playing this game. You Can Also check the What Kind Of Ball Is Used In Pickleball?

  • It is a Dinking Game Only

Pickleball is a versatile game and you can play this game in any style despite hearing that pickleball is a dinking game which is false. No rules are stated so and even among professionals, you can rarely see someone driving the ball instead everyone plays with their style. Senior players can’t move around as much as they used to be so they might play dinks but you can play with your playstyle. It’s all about context, if your playstyle isn’t within fault then you can play with it.

  • Third Shot Is The Only Option

The third shot can be an important skill that you can have but saying that it is the only option is quite wrong. Choosing when to play the third shot is important and you have to account for some factors before playing the third shot. These factors include:

  1. The position where your partner and opposition are standing.
  2. Type of shot that you are about to receive.
  3. Individual abilities of a player.

We have seen professional players play the third shot as a normal shot in a fair and regular style. The same players can also drive the third shot as it all depends on the circumstances you are facing. A fine example of when you should play the third shot is when serves land midcourt and it bounces high. You can learn whether to play third shot drop or drive depending upon different circumstances but it isn’t your only option. Also, check the Pickleball Tips for Beginners.

  • Don’t Come Back To Kitchen Until The Bounce

There is a lot of gossip going around about that you shouldn’t go back to the kitchen until the ball bounces and due to that, some players believe that it is their fault to step in the kitchen before the ball bounces. That is not true, you can enter the kitchen before the ball bounces if you need to, there is no rule stating that you can’t.

  • Running Towards the Kitchen As Fast As Possible.

Being in a kitchen or non-volley zone can indeed be a great thing and it is taught as the basic winning tactics to new players. However, that can be true for every situation as new players just run to the kitchen line and don’t even look at the shots. It’s good that you can reach the kitchen line before your opponents but you need to be wary of the shots that you are going to play. Instead of trying to reach the kitchen line as fast as possible, you should note the ball’s flight path and the position of your opponents. If you note the fall flight, returning the shots would become much easier and you would be able to reach the kitchen line without any problems. Slowly getting to the kitchen line while returning shots accordingly can help you improve a lot. Also, read the How to Play Pickleball On a Tennis Court?

  • Lobs Are Bad

If you are a player that overuses the lob shots, you would not be seen in a good way that is why most of the newcomers consider lobs to be bad. They are defensive shots and they are played when players are out of position and need to buy some time. Furthermore, you can use the lobs as offensive shots while drinking closer to the net or against slow opponents. All you need to know is that lobs are used for defence and they can be used strategically if your opponents are smashing too much. Also, check the What is the Non-Volley Zone in Pickleball?

  • First One To Attack Loses

You will find many players and statistics showing that the first one to attack loses the game and that is entirely wrong. The loss depends upon the shots you play, new players after attacking don’t stop and play every shot as attacking one which results in a loss. Carefully selecting your shot while attacking is the main key. When choosing the right ball to attack, you will find yourself in a winning position despite being the first one to attack. Slowly as your experience increases, you will learn about shot selection and timing and even when you attack first you will find yourself in an advantageous position. At first, it will be hard to choose the shot and you might lose some points but as you gain experience you will be able to choose to either defend or attack depending on shots. Also, check the What is a Rally in Pickleball?

  • Not A Running Game

That is true, pickleball has less space and there is no consistent stance as the game can go from slow dinks to smashes in seconds. Pickleball is a volatile sport, you might be standing in a fixed position and suddenly sprinting back and forth in a matter of seconds. In general, it depends upon age, senior players focus more on shot selection and dinks while the younger generation are more energetic and they play smashes. There is no running in-game but sprinting is part of the game as you need to sprint back and forth continuously. Especially when playing doubles, you will find yourself sprinting more than standing still. Also, read How to Practice Pickleball Alone?


These are the most popular pickleball myths and there may be some more as it depends upon personal perspective. Now, if you hear someone randomly saying something wrong, you can step in to provide a different perspective or ignore it as we have seen players destroying their game by following these myths. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Gloves.


1. What is the #1 mistake beginner pickleball players make?

The biggest and the most common mistake is to stand in the no man’s land which is the area between baseline and kitchen area.

2. Does pickle balls damage tennis courts?

No, usually it is not common to damage the tennis court while you play pickleball in it. Tennis courts are built to last longer and pickleball games can not damage them at all.

3. How fun is pickleball?

Pickleball is a great way to relax and have fun. You can play it with your friends, family and even with younger kids. You Can also check the Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle.

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