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Pickleball is one of the fast-rising sports in the world. They are being hyped a lot thanks to their similarity to badminton and tennis. People who have a tennis court can easily set up a temporary pickleball court. Or people who want to set a permanent pickleball court using a tennis court then we also got you covered. The people who can play tennis can easily play pickleball.

Converting a tennis court into a pickleball is not a bad idea, many colleges and schools do this, so grab some equipment, and let’s get into it.

Is it Possible to Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court?

Yes, while it requires some manual work, it is possible. Pickleball and tennis both have similarities in rules and equipment, there are similarities in court as well. The Tennis court is much bigger than the pickleball court. When thinking about size differences, you might have a question like How many pickleball courts fit on a tennis court? The answer is four. But picturing four pickleball courts on a single tennis court is quite messy. We recommend building two pickleball courts instead of four. Or you can convert them into four as per your requirement. You can also check Onix Z5 Pickleball.

How to Convert the Tennis Court to Play Pickleball?

Whether you are thinking of converting into permanent or temporary pickleball, you will need to change two things. First is the net and the other is the lines. For outdoor courts, you need to make sure that the court converted does not hinder performance by sunlight as well.

Tennis Court Pickleball Conversion:

  • The Net:

There are two ways you can convert a tennis court net to play pickleball:

  1. The first is that you need to lower the net to 36 inches on the sidelines and 34 inches on the center. The tennis net is at a higher height than the pickleball net so you need to convert that.  Lowering the net rests on the post supporting the tennis net for that you might require an adjuster. The only problem is that if the ball falls out of the baseline, covering the distance to get it may annoy you. You can use a net strap to lower the net from the center. You Can also check the How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?
  2. The second one is more preferred. It’s simple just buy a portable pickleball net or get removable posts. Or you can buy something called converting a Net to change the height as you need to play both pickleball and tennis!

It requires extra manual work as you need to shift the tennis net. However, this one has no drawbacks. The removed tennis net can serve as a railing so your pickleball does not get too far.

Indoors Pickleball Nets

  • Pickleball Lines:

Thinking net conversion is easy? Well, welcome to the difficult part that is drawing pickleball lines.

For Temporary Pickleball Court:

People who want to keep playing tennis can mark the lines of pickleball in different colors. This might mix up and confuse the players but this is the best option for a multipurpose court. we do recommend painting lines by yourself, have a professional paint straight lines. You should draw lines of two courts or four courts using acrylic resurfacer court paint.

Tape, markers, and chalk can also be used to draw pickleball lines. Make sure that they have different colors from tennis court lines. Markers are preferred more as they do not cause damage to the tennis court. You can also check Pickleball Shoes.

For Permanent Pickleball Court:

You can remove the lines of the tennis court and add permanent lines to play pickleball. For this, you can use tape or markers, whatever you require, and make two to four pickleball courts on the tennis court easily! Markers do not damage the court so players can play on the court with a nice view. Tennis courts with pickleball lines are also good but for converting the tennis court for pickleball permanently. We recommend removing tennis court lines.

Pickleball Court Dimensions and Configurations:

Here are all the dimensions and configurations you need to know before converting your tennis court to play pickleball. You should know that the pickleball court has a dimension of 20’x44’, while the tennis court has 60’x120’ dimensions. This shows that you can fit four pickleball courts when using pickleball nets, not tennis ones. Usually, tennis court corners are curled so fitting four courts might be stuffy. Having an area of 30’x60’ is best recommended for one pickleball court. We have given you the procedure for setting up one,  two, or four pickleball courts:

Setting up one Pickleball Court:

Just lower the center net (or see above conversion of the net) and draw a non-volley zone by using markers. Then, draw sidelines at three and a half feet from single lines of a tennis court. Draw baselines, and you are set to play pickleball.

Setting up Two Pickleball Courts:

You can set up two pickleball courts, on each service line of the tennis court. The baselines of the pickleball courts should be a little further from the net of the tennis court. Set up the baselines 8 feet away from the tennis net on each side of the court. This will help have a barrier as well as two pickleball courts. For this use a portable pickleball net to set up two pickleball courts. Use markers to draw pickleball lines neatly. Also, check the Pickleball Tips for Beginners.

Setting up Four Pickleball Courts:

To set up four pickleball courts, the distance between baselines of four pickleball courts should be 6 feet, not 8 feet like two pickleball courts. While the side-by-side pickleball court should have a distance of 2 feet in between them. If tennis court corners are curved, it will look stuffy. This is good for playing pickleball temporarily, for permanent we recommend having more space.

Final Words:

We hope you are ready to convert your tennis court into a pickleball court. Do take permission from the owner before doing this. Get a professional coach or pickleball player to help you draw lines and set nets. Whether you want to convert it permanently or temporarily is up to you. You Can also check the History of Pickleball.

All you need is pickleball paddles and balls and jump into the court and play on a converted pickleball court! This sport is perfect for aged people or handicapped ones. Healthy young people can play this too, so having a large playing audience will bring lots of attention to the court. We hope you got your answer to “how to play pickleball on the tennis court”. To convert it professionally, you can see USAPA conversion nets and makers as well.


1. Can the Pickleball Court Damage the Tennis Court?

If maintained perfectly then there will be o damage as pickleball is a light sport. Do not use paint or chalk if you do not want to damage the tennis court.

2. Can I Play Pickleball on the Grass?

Yes, if the lining is visible or you can use cones for marking.

3. Can I Play on the Tennis Court with Pickleball Lines?

Yes, it might be confusing but you can get used to it in no time.

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