Top 7 Best Pickleball Balls Reviews in 2023 (Indoor & Outdoor)

Starting the pickleball paddle game needs a pickleball paddle and the best pickleball balls to give a boost to your game.

Players spend more money on pickleball balls as compared to pickleball paddles as they can’t seem to find a long-lasting ball that can meet their needs. They have to replace it after playing a game or two and there’s a lack of information about the pickleball ball they are looking for. To give a complete review of top-selling pickleball balls, our researchers have put together a list of the best pickleball balls along with a buying guide.

We have tested hundreds of balls and walked through their features like weight, color, type, and how it flies and put together seven balls that are the best. USAPA approved balls are used in tournaments and they have better flight and material construction. Let’s dive deep into the reviews to find the best one of your choice and needs.

Compression of 7 Best Pickleball Balls in 2023

Image PRODUCT WEIGHT BEST FOR Check Price on Amazon
best pickleball balls Onix Pure 2 2.4 oz Outdoor ball made for youngsters Check Price
best pickleball balls TOP Outdoor 11.64 Ounces Outdoor ball, best for professionals-Heavy weight Check Price
best pickleball balls Dura Fast 40  0.96 Ounces Best for durability and lightweight Check Price
best pickleball balls JUGS 0.2 pounds Best indoor ball for beginners Check Price
Indoors Or Outdoors  Indoors Or Outdoors 0.8 ounces Best lightweight for all kinds of users Check Price
Franklin Sports x40 Franklin Sports x40 10.41 Ounces Best for professionals and high-class players Check Price
Gamma Sports Gamma Sports 0.8 oz Best for all kinds people Check Price

Top 7 Best Rated Pickleball Balls Reviews in 2023

1 Onix Pure 2-Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls

best pickleball ballsOnix Pure 2 features unrivaled ball flight and gives a responsive feel off the paddle just as you want. It is designed in a way to deliver maximum performance outdoors and in all conditions even in rainy, windy weather.

Furthermore, true flight performance ensures that the ball flies as intended in the harshest of conditions. It weighs only 25 grams while being 2.875 inches wide with a total of forty holes in the ball for maximum turbulence. When dropped on the floor of concrete from 75 inches, it can reach a height of 33 inches. Also, check the Pickleball Players.

Moreover, the ball is made using ‘authentic bounce technology’. This technology makes sure that the ball bounces back just as intended. No need to worry about misplacing the ball due to ball flight or impact from the paddle face because the ball bounces perfectly.

All the holes are drilled with strategical alignment and each hole is of the same size for max precision of ball flight and spin. The ball is made from durable material and is the best for outdoor plays when the weather is not good.

The only bad aspect to this ball is that it is not USAPA approved, although it meets all the standards laid by USAPA it recently was removed from the list of USAPA approved balls. To summarize, the ball is one of the best outdoor pickleball balls due to its astonishing ball flight and bounce that doesn’t disappoint you while you play. You Can also check the Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles.



Best Pickleball Balls

What We Liked
  • Durable Build.
  • 40 precision drilled holes.
  • Authentic bounce technology.
  • 25-gram weight.
  • Bounce back as intended.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not USAPA approved.

2 TOP Outdoor-Best Durable Pickleball Balls

TOP OutdoorThe next on our list is TOP outdoor balls that are known for their durability and hard-wearing plastic that precision drilled design. During your outdoor games, the ball will bounce just as intended without being misplaced due to bad ball flight or bounce. Even in rainy or windy weather, the ball will perform well with its precision drilled holes that are there for maximum ball flight.

Furthermore, the ball is made from a rotational molding process that makes the ball strong and durable evening the surface from both outsides and insides of the ball. When dropped from the height of 75 inches, due to even molding of the ball, it will bounce back to the height of 33 inches. Also, check the Best Pickleball Bags.

The TOP outdoor ball is USAPA approved for tournaments. It is available in many bright colors including yellow, white, and orange. The maximum ball flight allows the ball to reach the backside of the court with minimum effort.

Moreover, the ball weighs only grams maximizing the ball’s flight and bounce in outdoor plays even in harsh conditions. The only downside to this ball is that the ball doesn’t work as well as with the machine because the machine wears the ball material and the ball is deformed much faster than usual.



What We Liked
  • Better ball flight.
  • Good responsive bounce.
  • For Outdoor plays.
  • Precision drilled holes.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not playable using machine.

3 Dura Fast 40-Best Seamless Pickleball Balls

best pickleball ballsThe Dura Fast 40 is a USAPA-approved ball that comes as a pack of six having a seamless design and are made from plastic that doesn’t wear easily and last longs. This ball can bounce at the height of 32 inches when dropped from 75 inches and weighs only 26 grams ensuring maximum ball flight. Furthermore, the diameter of this ball is slightly larger than other balls for better ball flight even in windy conditions.

You can get this ball in different amazing and vibrant colors like white, orange, lime green, and yellow.

With the increased weight, it has a thick outer shell that is durable and can withstand pressure even from training machines. It is engineered in such a way as to provide maximum flight and bounce due to 40 precision drilled holes.

It can hold up to 10 games in the harshest of conditions like cold weather and normal conditions, it can last longer. Moreover, the ball weighs only 0.92 ounces that is a bit higher than normal balls but they provide the same ball flight with increased durability. Also, check the What is Pickleball Stacking?

The only downside to this ball is that it is harder to hit as compared to other balls on the list, as it is a bit heavier it requires a bit more force than normal ones. In short, the ball is the best choice for you if you are looking for a durable ball that can be used to play during harsh weather. The seamless design is almost foolproof for any kind of wear and tear.



What We Liked
  • Maximum ball flight.
  • One-piece 40 precise drilled holes.
  • Better bounce.
  • USAPA approved.
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit harder to hit.

4 JUGS-Best Indoor Pickleball Balls

best pickleball ballsThe next ball on our list is different unlike Onix Pure 2 and Dura Fast, this ball is one of the best indoor pickleball balls out there. It is built with a softer plastic to give a lightweight feeling and is the best for environments where the wind has less impact. Furthermore, the ball has bigger holes that make the ball lightweight and can be played on cement, hardwood, and tiles. The ball weighs only 22 grams and has a diameter of 2-⅞ inches and due to its lightweight, it will bounce back at the height of 37 inches when dropped from 75 inches.

This ball surface is a bit texturized to create more friction from the paddle’s face for a long-lasting spin. The reaction and bounce back from the ball place this ball at the top for indoor plays and this ball is available in different colors including green and white.

They come in a pack of 12 balls so you don’t have to wait for a new one to come and you can re-order when 3-4 balls are remaining. This ball was manufactured to be played on the gym or inside court where there wasn’t a wind factor to account for.

The only drawback to this ball is that it isn’t USAPA approved since it’s not for outdoor plays and the whole reason for its creation is to be played indoors where there is less wind. You Can also check the Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles.



What We Liked
  • Texturised surface for reactivity.
  • High bounce.
  • Better flight.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Only for Indoor plays and Not USAPA approved.

5 Indoors Or Outdoors Pickleball Balls

best pickleball ballsDay 1 sports indoor or outdoor balls are highly durable and are made with good quality resin material. the balls are colored to fit indoor and outdoor visibility, indoor having hi-vis yellow color and outdoor having hi-Vis green color. These balls have perfectly balanced and proportioned 40 holes which makes the shot speedy and accurate. They are originally made for USAPA tournaments as these balls each have a standard diameter of 2.9 inches and are weighted only 0.8z. to provide more comfort to players. Moreover, the colors are made not to reflect sunshine but absorb it making it easily visible.

Furthermore, the holes provide maximum ball flight while the surface of the ball is there to give you better control when in contact with the paddle’s face.

The material it uses instead of plastic is resin making it strong and causing no breakout of ball material. Furthermore, these balls allow you to play in all types of setting from official tournaments, competitive matches to fun plays and games.

These balls come in two different categories, one is indoor balls that are compromised of 26 placed holes for lightweight and better bounce, while the outdoor version of balls contains 40 precisely drilled holes for better durability and battle against the harshest conditions.

The only downside to this ball is that it doesn’t have a seamless design which some players found to be a bit disturbing. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Shoes.



What We Liked
  • Both indoor and outdoor versions are available.
  • Lightweight with easy to see.
  • USAPA approved.
  • Good bounce and flight.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Don’t have a seamless design.
Best Pickleball Balls

6 Franklin Sports x40-Best high-end Pickleball Balls

Franklin Sports x40 Franklin sports manufacturers are most trusted in developing pickleball, this pickleball is made of plastic and they are reliable in all types of matches. Along with having durable material, it has optic yellow color making it easily visible to the naked eye of the player, these balls are USAPA approved and are the most used balls in professional outdoor tournaments.

The size of each ball is 26 grams and the diameter of each one is 74mm maximizing ball flight and bounce even in cold weather. Furthermore, each ball has 40 holes which give the player to have full control of the ball even in wind and allow no airy obstacles while playing. It has one-piece construction making it long-lasting and not easily breakable.

The package contains 12 balls, an abundant number of durable, one-piece constructed balls that help match go smoothly without any interruption of broken balls or a few balls. With rotational moulding, the ball can withstand pressure and keeps its shape even in the harshest of conditions. It features a seamless design that gives a better feel of reaction when the ball touches the pickleball paddle.

To conclude, the franklin x40 is a long-lasting, soft, and bouncy ball that gives you maximum ball flight even in windy conditions. The only downside to this ball is that it is a bit expensive than other balls which makes Onix Pure 2 a better choice than this one.



What We Liked
  • Better ball flight and bounce.
  • Good visibility.
  • Precision drilled holes.
What We Didn’t Like
  • N/a


7 Gamma Sports-Best all-rounder Pickleball Balls

best pickleball ballsGamma sports pickle balls have a hard yet mild surface and provide maximum ball flight and bounce with a reactive feel. The ball is made up of high-quality material to make them long-lasting, durable, and reliable. These balls are USAPA approved so they can be used in tournaments. They are designed for both outdoor plays, indoor plays, professional plays as well as fun novice plays.

The pickleball has a 2.9 diameter and weighs only 0.8 oz maximizing the ball flight and durability of the ball. Furthermore, it is built with hard-wearing plastic that is capable of withstanding pressure and impacts which makes it retain its shape even after hard hits. Also, check the What is a Dink in Pickleball?

These balls have a softer touch to them which keeps them light-weighted even with hard material. Along with their refreshing design, their colour is made to fit the eyes of the player making them easy to see. The 40 holes present in these balls help them travel through the wind easily. Playing professional matches with these balls gives a higher control over the balls as compared to others. The balls have proportioned and balanced dimensions due to Ultra-balanced 2D construction which allows good control.

In short, the Gamma sports is a good alternative to Onix And Dura as it performs at their level while being at a fair price. It provides a better ball flight and bounces making ball placement easy just as intended. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Shirts.



What We Liked
  • 40 precision drilled holes.
  • High visibility.
  • Sturdy, well-balanced surface.
What We Didn’t Like
  • No flaws found yet.
Pickleball Balls

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best pickleball balls that last longer can be hard as there are numerous companies manufacturing balls and claiming to be the best. If you don’t consider important factors like type, material, color, and weight, then you can easily be fooled by the sellers. For that reason, we have written a guide for you that will help you choose the best pickleball balls that will meet your requirements.

Pickleball Balls

  • Type Of Pickleball Balls

There are two types of pickleball balls, indoors and outdoors. The outdoor ball weighs a bit more than the indoor ball and is harder. They are usually made from smooth plastic and have 40 precision drilled holes for a movement that can withstand wind, snow, and heat. They are more responsive than indoor balls and have better bounce but it is hard to control them as there is increased weight. You need to control it with a bit more skills to precisely hit them while indoor balls are made from soft plastic and have texturized surfaces for a long-lasting spin.

  • Material

Pickleball balls are made generally made from two processes, injection molding or rotational molding. Indoors balls are made from injection molding and have seams where two halves met together while outdoor balls are made from rotational molding that gives them seamless design. This is one of the reasons that indoor balls get deformed easily as compared to outdoor balls as rotational molding makes balls more durable and impact-resistant.

  • Diameter And Weight

Choosing the right weight and diameter of the ball that serves you the best is crucial as it affects the player’s performance. For an indoor pickleball ball, you have to choose a weight of fewer than 0.8 ounces while a diameter of around 2.8 inches. You have to choose a weight of 0.9 ounces or a bit more and a diameter of 2.9 inches when choosing outdoor pickleball balls. This will help you get a general idea of what type of ball you have to choose.

  • Colour

Pickleball balls come in a variety of colors including orange, green, yellow, white, and many more. Orange, yellow, and white are most commonly used outdoors while light colors are used for indoor balls. Nevertheless, you have to choose a color that doesn’t affect the visibility of the ball when the light is low. With that in mind, you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


In the end, after reviewing many pickleball balls, we have concluded that Onix Pure 2 is the best pickleball ball in terms of performance while Dura Fast 40 is the best pickleball ball when talking about USAPA approved balls. We have put a guide for you to further understand what you should be looking for when choosing a pickleball ball and we hope that we were able to help you in choosing the best pickleball ball that meets your demands.

Frequently Asked Question

What are pickleball balls made of?

Indoors pickleball balls are made of soft plastic with an injection molding process while outdoor pickleball balls are made of hard-wearing plastic with a rotational molding process for increased durability and resistance.

What is the difference between Indoors and Outdoors Pickleball balls?

Indoor balls are lighter and have bigger holes in them while outdoor balls are a bit heavy and contain more holes in them. Outdoor balls need to withstand pressure and impacts from the wind and other weather conditions.

What pickleball balls do the pros use?

Apart from being fragile and breakable, Pros still use pickleball balls because of the value and the feel these balls add to the game. Further, Dura has been used by many professional players all around the world.

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