Pickleball Serving Rules – Rules & Techniques

Pickleball Serving Rules

Use the backhand upward arc while keeping your feet behind the baseline. A basic Pickleball rule is to serve within the court. Moreover, a legal serve requires that the ball falls on the opponent’s court end. Also, check the Pickleball Court Rules. Servers appear to have little regard for legality when serving, resulting in illegal … Read more

Pickleball Court Rules-Learn Like a Professional Player

Pickleball Court rules

Playing pickleball doubles on a pickleball court has become increasingly popular. There are new courts in communities, and tennis stores sell supplies, which means people already playing tennis. Are you familiar with pickleball? Have you ever tried it? Pickles are not included, but a ball certainly is. It’s all about fitness these days. Our steps … Read more

How to Regrip Your Pickleball Paddle?- PickleballMate

Regrip your pickleball paddle

Your pickleball paddle, in addition to the basic pickleball, is the most crucial piece of equipment you’ll require. Therefore, keeping your paddle in good shape will guarantee that you play in and win plenty more pickleball tournaments in the coming future. Consequently, the Pickleball paddle grip wrap is never merely a typical issue. Also, read … Read more

What is the Non-Volley Zone in Pickleball? – Pickleball Mate

What is the Non-Volley Zone in Pickleball?

Like all other sports, there are few rules & regulations, particular terminologies, and professional equipment used in the pickleball game. Pickleball is another type of game played within a court area using very simple equipment including a racket and a ball. The game has simple and interesting rules and is played for the sake of … Read more