Tennis vs. Pickleball – How is Pickleball Different from Tennis

Tennis vs. Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport whose philosophies borrow from various sports like badminton, tennis and table tennis. There are many aspects of pickleball that make it different from other games like tennis. In tennis vs Pickleball, we can categorize the differences in minor and major categories.  Let us take a look at minor parts then we … Read more

Pickleball Court Dimensions – Official Sizes & Measurements

pickleball court dimensions diagram

Are you looking to build a pickleball court? Or just curious to learn what the typical pickleball court dimensions are? Either way, getting to know the dimensions of a pickleball court and the various court areas will help any player better understand the fundamentals of the game, particularly pickleball novices. While similar to other racket … Read more