The Key Rules of Pickleball All Players Need to Know

Pickleball court for singles play

Welcome to the world of pickleball! Mastering the game starts with a clear grasp of the basic pickleball rules. Let’s dive into the key rules of pickleball that every player should know. Our hope is that these ten essential pickleball rules will help you confidently play the game. Key Takeaways Pickleball is played on a … Read more

When Can You Step in the Kitchen in Pickleball: Understanding the Non-Volley Zone Rules

image of women playing pickleball at the kitchen

Understanding and following the pickleball kitchen rules is essential for pickleball players of all skill levels. The kitchen, officially called the pickleball non-volley zone, is the area on the court directly on either side of the net, and it is delineated by a non-volley line, which runs parallel to the net. You have to be … Read more

How to Get Over the Yips in Pickleball: Conquer Anxiety and Boost Performance

Pickleball player serving with the yips

Imagine being in the middle of an electrifying and competitive pickleball match. The adrenaline surges with each hit until suddenly, your serves start going wide and nothing you try gets them to go back in. You’ve developed what’s known as the yips. The yips can hurt your confidence and make even the smallest thing in … Read more

Pickleball Court Rules – Learn Like a Professional Player

Pickleball Court rules

Playing pickleball doubles on a pickleball court has become increasingly popular. There are new courts in communities, and tennis stores sell supplies, which means people already playing tennis. Are you familiar with pickleball? Have you ever tried it? Pickles are not included, but a ball certainly is. It’s all about fitness these days. Our steps … Read more

How to Get Better at Pickleball – Improve Your Game

How to Get Better at Pickleball

Playing pickleball is easy and challenging at the same time. Brilliant game design exhibits this characteristic. Become a better pickleball player by getting the right pickleball instruction. Since I started playing sports and hobbies decades ago, I have gained considerable experience. My improvement has been influenced by some techniques and principles I have developed over … Read more

How To Prevent Tennis Elbow

How To Prevent Tennis Elbow

Suffering from tennis elbow? Let’s learn how to prevent tennis elbow fast. In our everyday lives, we encounter different situations that require the use of our hands and arms. From household chores to playing games/sports, the necessary use of our arms and hands tends to put pressure on our limbs, that we often neglect. Also, … Read more