The Key Rules of Pickleball All Players Need to Know

Pickleball court for singles play

Welcome to the world of pickleball! Mastering the game starts with a clear grasp of the basic pickleball rules. Let’s dive into the key rules of pickleball that every player should know. Our hope is that these ten essential pickleball rules will help you confidently play the game. Key Takeaways Pickleball is played on a … Read more

Pickleball Kitchen Rules Explained – What, Why, Where, When, How …

Pickleball Kitchen Rules

In pickleball, the court is divided into different sections with their names. The kitchen is one of those sections that have the most infamous and kind of funny rules. Like all other games, pickleball has its own rules. The kitchen rules are precisely related to them that the player can’t play a volley while standing … Read more