How To Score In Pickleball – The Ultimate Scoring Guide

Pickleball is a recreation of three different games played indoor and outdoor on a court like a badminton. A mixture of three games which include Tennis, Badminton and Ping Pong. Pickleball can be played in the same way Tennis is played with the combination of two people and two teams. It is won by scoring 11 points. In 1965 it was created during summer on Bainbridge Island in the area of Washington. In other words, the Pickle Ball is also called a mini-tennis game. It is played with three basic pieces of equipment: a Wiffle ball, a short-handled paddle, or a net. In the game, you can score points by hitting the game over the net so that your companion will not return the ball.

Specification of Equipment – How To Score In Pickleball:-

Like every game, Pickleball also has some specifications to play the game and also has some equipment specifications. Firstly let me tell you that three are three pieces of equipment to play the game.


A court shall be a rectangular area to play. While talking is measured it is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long on both sides. Its line should be 2 inches wide. Also Check:  Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin

Lines and Areas:

The standard areas and lines of the Pickleball court are the following:

  • Baseline
  • Service court
  • Right/Even court
  • Left/odd court
  • Centerline
  • Slide line

Net Specifications:

The size of the net in pickleball is important from one post to another. Its length should be 21 feet or 9 inches. The net is placed at the height of 36 inches from both sides and 34 inches from the center. Also Check: Best Pickleball paddle for beginners

Wiffle Ball:

The Wiffle ball specification concludes its smooth surface, free texturing, uniform color, and 2.87 inches in diameter.

Paddle Specifications:

Paddle surfaces should not contain holes or rough surface textures. The paddle length must be below 17 inches and the paddle also has no weight restriction. You can also check the best paddle for control

Tips for Playing Pickleball:

With the recreation of different games, pickleball is similar to badminton because it is played on a court the same as badminton. It is similar to height nets and rules with tennis, it also has ping pong-like equipment to play.

It is played between single or double teams like (1 vs 1) and (2 vs 2).

11 points are required to win.

While serving, the Wiffle ball member of the team should be near the baseline.

Lobbing over the opponent’s head is an effective strategy when the game is properly started up.

If the ball is landing on any lien it should be considered good for the team.

Rules of PickleBall.

Here are some rules of pickleball:

  • Court rules and dimensions: There are volley and non-volley areas in the court. The non-volley area is 22 feet wide from both sides of the net.
  • Players’ position rules: In a double game, only one player from both partners can hit the ball unless he makes a mistake.
  • Serving rules: Players must be present in the Volley area of the court while serving a ball. Moreover, the feet of players must touch the ground and they should be behind the line of the kitchen area.
  • Double bounce rules: The rule according to which, the team which serves the ball first must bounce a ball towards the opposite team, then the other team also hit the bounce back before the ball go back, and then the serving team again hit a bounce. Two back-to-back bounces are hit, so it is called a double-bounce rule.
  • No-volley rules: In the Non-volley or kitchen area of the court, we can’t serve the ball. You should be in the volley area during playing. Otherwise, you will make a fault.
  • Second bounce rules: This rule says that the team which firstly bounces the ball is not able to make another bounce unless the ball goes to the second team of the game.
  • Out of bounds rules: It tells us that our shot must be inside the playing court. You will get a point if the ball falls inside the court. If the ball crosses the boundary of the court, it will be considered a mistake and you lose.
  • Net rules: In pickleball, the height of the net matters a lot for a good game. The net is tied 36 inches above from ground and it must cover the whole width of the ground.
  • Scoring rules: The scoring rules are quite interesting, according to this, the team which firstly serves the ball, is not able to make a score unless the opposing team makes a mistake. Also, check the How to Play Pickleball Singles?
  • Rules for single and double games: In a single game of pickleball, only two players can play, but both the players should be opposite each other around the net of the court. However, in the double game of pickle, there are four players who play the game. There are a pair of players on both sides of the court net.

Strategies for Playing Pickleball:

Here are the following strategies that are necessary to play the pickleball game.

The Serve

  • While serving the server keep one foot behind the backline.
  • To serve the ball paddle must be below underhand
  • Before returning, the ball must bounce in a proper service court.
  • It serves to win points if he/she continues to serve.
  • Hit in the air otherwise ball cannot bounce
  • Above the waist level contact of the ball must not be made.
  • If the ball of the serving team touches the net and then touches any person pf the opposite team, the serving team will get a point.

How To Score In Pickleball

Player Position:

The correct position is determined by the score or the position of the player in the game

In a Single team, if the server score is even then the receiving team should be on the right side of the court area, or if it is an odd score then a vice versa situation is made, in the left serving area.

In double team at the start of each game, when both players on a team will serve before the side out is cleared. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Machines.

Serving Sequence:

There is an opportunity for both team players to serve until they commit a fault.

If a server continues switching back a subsequent point is scored.

The partner of the server is served from the correct side if the server loses.

Other  Strategies:

  • Selection of shot
  • Poaching opportunity
  • Shot dropping
  • Using the lob
  • Move according to your partner’s position
  • Return of serve.
  • Double game positions on the court
  • In or out
  • Anticipate the out ball
  • Master the Drink
  • Helping to keep the score straight.

Tips for New Players.

It is for your benefit if you listen and don’t violate rules

Try to avoid a very hard shot near the sides of the net.

Before you can hit the ball both the server and the receiver must try to bounce.

The non-volley line is the strongest position to try to get close to it.

It is a better place to hit the ball.

Your paddle must be in the right position near the chest, in order to hit the ball quickly.

Try hard to maintain the ball in play and let your opponent make mistakes.

When you serve in return, use your forehand in power.

Try not to take a side shot, otherwise, you can lose the game, because these side shots are low-key shots.

If your partner returns a shot and is pulled to the sideline don’t try to move to the centerline. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Bags.

Faults to lose a game.

Most simply you can win the game, in the same way, you can lose it. As you know there are only 11 points to win the game but due to some common mistakes, your opponent will make a mistake due to which you can lose the game are given below. Also, read the How much does it cost to build a pickleball court?

Serve really hard.

When you receive the services try to stand in the playing area.

If the player serves hard then you should also serve hard in return, due to this you have less time to go to the non-volley line because the hit goes over the net and over the baseline.

You will lose points if you shoot at the sideline.

The cause of all mistakes is that when you have time to make a controlled shot you rush to your shot.

Scoring in PickleBall.

Now after explaining to you the rules, strategies, and Tips of pickleBall. We gonna know how you can get a score in pickleball. As we know that 11 points are needed to win the pickleball game sometimes 15 points are needed usually in tournaments. As we also know that pickleball can be played by Single or double-team players so the scoring of pickleball can be categorized into 2 parts.

  • Single Scoring in Pickleball
  • Double scoring in pickleball.

Single Scoring:

Single scoring and double scoring are quite similar but the difference is that there is no second server.

If the score of the team is even then the serving person must be served from the right side of the court. However, in case of an odd score, the serving person should serve the ball from the side of the court. Also, check the What is the double bounce rule in pickleball?

The server score and receive score are simply called scores in pickleball.

Double Scoring:

In double scoring the receiving side cannot score the point, only the server can score the point.

In order to get a point, the serving person must move towards the left side of the court and serve the ball in opposite direction.

The movement of the player continues from left to right and from right to left, every time a point is scored.

The server cannot alternate sides until they get a score or the receiver never alternate sides.

In Pickleball the server continues to hit the Wiffle ball until the receiver commits a mistake.

Rules of scoring In Pickleball.

Some rules of scoring points in the pickle are important, the details of these points are given below.

  • Receiving team can’t score, only the server can score.
  • The receiving team is able to serve until the team makes a mistake.
  • After getting a score the server should shift their place.
  • If both teams get some score 10 to 10 then to win the match the winning team should need to get 2 scores in a row.
  • If it serves from the right side the serving team score will always be even. You Can also check the Is Pickleball An Olympic Sport?

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