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Have you ever imagined merging a few sports into one and playing it? Well, Pickleball is what you need to try then. This easy-to-play game is a mixture of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

Pickleball is a thriving paddle sport that can be played indoors or outdoor as well. Pickleball paddles and a plastic ball with holes are used to play this game.

The paddles are close to table tennis paddles whereas the ball is like a Wiffle ball. As the game is so healthy, inexpensive, and social that is why everybody from any age group can enjoy this game. Because of its ever-increasing demand and popularity, it has been observed that people have installed a number of pickleball courts to entertain the people.

History of Pickleball:

The history and origin of pickleball are as interesting as its name. Imagine this, three friends, having the same business, living on a beach on Bainbridge Island, suddenly had a thought about entertaining their children. As islands have usually bad weather, these two friends got fired up and went out back to the old badminton court, which had some wooden paddles and a plastic baseball that was hanging around. They started messing around with the paddles and the ball and inventing this game. They simply wanted their children to stay busy and not mope around aimlessly. Also, check the How to Practice Pickleball Alone?

Gradually, many more people on the island started playing it. Many new rules were added to this game whenever there was a necessity. Soon it reached Seattle and got immense popularity.

The friends that introduced this game to the world were Joel Pritchard, William Bell, and Barney McCallum. Well, the game that started out just as a fun thing for the families over on Bainbridge has continued to grow and it just turned into a well-rounded activity that a lot of people are enjoying now.

Why is it called Pickleball?

There are two references to answer this question. According to the first reference, Pritchard’s wife call this game pickleball because the mixed sports reminded her of the pickle boat in the crew where oarsmen were selected from the scraps of other boats. While the second reference told that Barney McCallum called the game pickleball after the name of Pritchard’s dog.

Pickleball Equipment:

Basically, all you need to play pickleball is:

  • The Pickleball:


The ball which is used to play this game is generally made of plastic and has holes in it. It looks like the Wiffle ball and also comes in three different colors yellow, orange and green. You need to choose the pickleball wisely by keeping in mind the weight of the ball. The weight of the ball should be appropriate so it can go in the correct direction you want to throw rather than it going in other directions. The balls are categorized to play indoor and outdoor games.

  • The Paddle:

pickleballThe paddles which are used to play pickleball look like the ping pong paddles. Different types of materials like wood, graphite, and composite are used to make these paddles. At first, the wooden paddles were used because of their low cost but later on, people moved towards the lightweight paddles.

  • The Court:

pickleball CourtA 20 x 44 feet court is required to play pickleball. The net which is fixed on the court is 36 ‘’ high on the edges and from the middle, it is 34 ‘’.This court is much similar to a badminton court but is smaller than the tennis court which allows its players to play on different degrees.

Why is Pickleball so Popular?

Pickleball is gaining popularity day by day. It is considered to be a very healthy activity that is why not only youngsters but the senior citizens also like to participate in this game. A number of schools and colleges arrange tournaments for the students. Here  are some reasons why it becomes popular: The reasons behind its popularity are:

Pickleball is the Healthy Game:

Playing pickleball is an amazing way to keep yourself healthy because it involves both your mind and body. It maintains your balance and provides hand-to-eye coordination without straining your muscles. Old-age people can also enjoy this game without any physical limitations.

Pickleball is a Group Sport:

The pickleball court is comparatively smaller than the other sports courts. Also, the court takes very little space to set up. Almost four pickleball courts can easily be set up on the ground instead of one tennis court. Players will keep in touch with each other and also share their gossip too which will enhance their enjoyment level and make their time memorable and joyful in a social way.

Perfect for Parks and Recreation Departments:

On a good note, it’s an affordable game and needs less space for its setup. Furthermore, pickleball can also be played by easily converting the tennis court into a pickleball court. Hence the parks and recreation departments don’t need to install both tennis and pickleball courts at the same time. You Can also check the Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Reviews.

Pickleball is Ideal for all Skill Levels:

Everybody from any age group or even with any type of skill level can enjoy this game just because of its easy peasy rules. Even if you are a beginner you can learn to play it in no time.

How is Pickleball Played?

Now it’s time to come towards the playing method that is very simple. Two players can play for scoring single and four players can play for scoring double. One of the players will serve the ball diagonally from behind the baseline towards the opposite side of the court. When the ball is returned back to your side you have to let it bounce. Points are scored only on the serve the receiver will not score the points. The server from the right side of the court will serve the ball to the opponent in the diagonal position and then he moved towards the left side and in the same way the game goes on. The server who reached the score 11and is leading by two points will win the match if a server scored 11 but does not lead with two scores then the game will continue. You Can also check the Gamma Pickleball Paddle.

Rules of Pickleball:

Have a look at some basic rules of the pickleball game.

  • The server must stand behind the service line.
  • The serve must not land into the opponent’s kitchen.
  • The server who wins the toss will serve first.
  • When playing doubles, the ball can only be returned by the player who served it. A point is scored by the serving side if their partner touches the ball.
  • On each side of the net, there is a seven-foot non-volley zone. In this zone, no volleying is permitted, preventing players from hitting their opponents with a smash shot. Outside of this zone, volleys are permitted, while non-volleys are permitted within it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is Pickleball most Popular in the World?

According to a survey done in 2018, Seattle, Washington, is the most popular place where pickleball is widely played.

2. What is Pickleball a Combination of?

As described before, pickleball is a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong.

3. What is a Pickleball made up of?

Pickleball is made up of light plastic with holes in its body. These holes determine the strength and weight of a pickleball.

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