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Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle is one of the most powerful and sturdy paddles on the market that provides stability and maximum control to its users. For pickleball players, getting the proper paddle that will suit them the best is important. A good paddle can help you feel comfortable and get rid of sore muscles allowing you to play for a longer period. Choosing the paddle that helps you play an entertaining game while protecting yourself is important.

As such, Wilson Tour Pro is one of those paddles that can boost up your game style while being a comfortable choice. Here is why you should choose this pickleball paddle:

Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 8.25 inches.
  • Product Weight: 2 ounces.
  • Material:
  • Use: Indoors and Outdoors.

Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle Reviews The Wilson Tour Pro is a powerful paddle that is made up of polymer core and graphite surface and gives ultimate control and power. With Power comb technology, players can get a maximum feel from the shots and it increases the durability of the paddle making it last longer. It also absorbs the impact and evenly distributes them giving you maximum control over the paddle.

The graphite surface of the paddle ensures that the power you put in your shot is delivered efficiently. It offers a large sweet spot that allows you to easily reach over and across the net with ease while providing power. Not to mention, this is a USAPA approved paddle that is allowed for tournament plays.

The grip of the paddle is tacky and due to the paddle’s grip length, you can easily hold the paddle with a firm grip. Furthermore, the edge guard is available that protects the corners of the paddle and your arms by reducing the chance of mishits. It is a reliable paddle that performs exceptionally well in terms of both power and control.



  • Sturdy Construction

The textured graphite surface not only gives a maximum feel to its users but also provide enough control to spin the ball however they want. On top of that, the polymer core ensures the power gets delivered perfectly by absorbing the impacts and transferring the power you put in your shots. Also, read How to Practice Pickleball Alone?

  • Large Sweet Spot

This paddle has a large sweet spot of 7 inches making it easier to reach spots that some players find hard to reach. Furthermore, the paddle weighs only 8.2 ounces making it easier to move around and reach over and across the net. With its off-center contact, you can play powerful shots and smashes. Also, check the What is a Rally in Pickleball?

  • Superior Grip And Mobility

It has a 5 inches paddle handle that comes with a cushioned grip that absorbs moisture to provide a better grip. Due to its cushioned grip and large paddle handle, it gives players better mobility and control. The edge guard protects the paddle from mishits and is a safety point for your arms as it reduces the strain on your hands during impact.

What We Liked
  • Responsive Feel.
  • Proprietary textured skin.
  • Polymer Power Comb core.
  • Cushioned Grip.
  • Large hitting area.
  • USAPA approved.
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit heavy.

How To Use Wilson Tour Pro?

Knowing how to use a pickleball paddle is important as it not only prolongs the life expectancy of the paddle but also allows you to get full advantages of it. Since Wilson Tour Pro is a paddle that was specifically made to deliver power at an exceptional level. For using the full potential of this paddle, you need to know a few positionings that will help you in using this paddle.

Standing Correctly

Standing correcting is the main key for using this paddle, no matter how powerful the paddle is if your stance is wrong then you will not get the desired result. By positioning the paddle at 12:00 and swinging it at 9:00 for backward shots. Training your weaker side will give you a greater advantage over your opponent.

Tracking The Ball

If you can’t track the ball, you won’t be able to make the shots. Despite the wide hitting area of this paddle, you need to position it according to the shots by tracking the ball. Moving your whole body concerning the point where the ball will reach and shifting your weighing after the shot is played can help you in tracking the ball more easily. As you practice, you will be able to predict your opponent’s shots and return with twice the power. Also, check the What is the Non-Volley Zone in Pickleball?

Hold Paddle At Chest Level

Holding a paddle in front of your body in front of your chest gives you a wide variety of options and allows you to cover maximum area. This stance is called Paddle-up in pickleball and the most basic position of pickleball paddle. However, not every shot can be played by paddle-up and sometimes it becomes hard to shoot if you continue using this posture. You have to change your whole posture depending upon receiving shots and position yourself accordingly.

Overall, it depends upon your practices but if you know how to play and position yourself, this paddle will prove to be a strong weapon to win against your opponents.


In the end, The Wilson Tour Pro is one of the best pickleball paddles available on the market due to its outstanding power. It provides a comfortable grip that absorbs moisture. By this, it helps to play for long hours without any hassle or feeling tired or lethargic. The increased weight allows you to pack more power into your shots. However, you need to know how to properly use a paddle, fully utilize this paddle as the increased weight can make it hard for beginners to move this paddle around.


1. What Pickleball Paddle is used by Ben Johns?

Ben John’s uses pro tournament pickleball paddles with extra grip. He uses Franklin pickleball paddles and Ben John’s signature pickleball paddles.

2. What is the ideal Weight that Professionals use?

The ideal weight that professional pickleball players use is between 6 to 14 ounces.

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