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Pickleball has been one of the most growing social sports over the last years and it combines elements of a variety of racquet sports including tennis and badminton. However, the game has various rules that make it unique and fun to play. This game can be played as a single or double; most commonly, it is played as doubles.

What Kind Of Ball Is Used In Pickleball

A pickleball is made up of light plastic as compared to a standard tennis ball and has different durability levels along with drilled holes. In general, two kinds of pickleball are mostly used during plays, one is indoor pickleball and another one is outdoor pickleball. Indoor pickleball has less weight around 0.8 oz, 26 holes, and is a lot smoother. This makes it more affected by the wind, however, allows it to travel more freely indoors where there is no wind. Outdoor pickleball has more weight as compared to indoor pickleball and weighs around 0.9 oz or more. It has a total of 40 holes and is less affected by the wind, making it ideal for playing outdoors.  You Can also check the Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles.

Pickleball For Indoor Plays

The most popular brands that manufacture indoor pickleball are Onix Fuse, Dura Big-Hole, Jugs, and Midnight indoors. They are made up of soft plastic and have big holes that allow them to travel through the air more freely. These balls weigh around 0.85 ounces and have a seamless design. They are less durable as compared to outdoor pickleball as they are used to play in an indoor environment where are less damaging variables.  You Can also check the Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles.

Indoor pickleball is less bouncy and due to that, players get more control but the power of indoor pickleball is low, and most experienced professional players find that a big drawback. As the lightweight makes it difficult to generate power and after each pass, it gets harder to put power which makes extended volleys between players. All these properties of the pickleball make this the perfect choice for indoor play. However, it is not optimal to use indoor pickleball for outdoor play as it can’t sustain itself in that environment, the wind will affect its movement, or it might break.

Pickleball For Outdoor Plays

TOP, Onix, and Dura are the most prevalent brands for manufacturing outdoor pickleball. These brands are approved by USAPA for tournament play. The pickleball manufactured by them are seamless in design and made through a rotationally molded one-piece construction. They have thick construction which makes them durable for outdoor play and holes are drilled out of the ball after cooling it down from construction.  You Can also check the Best Pickleball Shoes.

For instance, heavier balls are meant for outdoor plays as they allow more power behind the player’s hit. This extra weight allows the ball to move freely despite the air resistance or wind. Due to heavy construction, the outdoor balls are much louder than indoor balls as they have more “pop” and speed to them. This also ensures that the wind impact on the ball stays minimum.

Outdoor pickleball may be more durable than indoor pickleball, however, outdoor pickleball are used to play in a much rougher environment, and they tend to break quicker than indoor pickleball. Anyhow, it depends upon the player’s playing style as hard hitters end up breaking indoor pickleball more than outdoor.

Foam Pickleball – A Quieter Pickleball

Noise in pickleball has been an ongoing problem as the hits can produce an irritating sound and during plays outside parks or residential areas, it can cause problems. The problem has gone to a point where communities have filed court cases against courts. Holes present in the ball make it the reason more noise is made when you’re hitting a ball. To tackle that problem, GAMMA has made a foam pickleball that minimizes the noise on the court. However, foam pickleball is not usable for tournament plays and the player who plays with foam balls might find it difficult to control a normal pickleball as they are different. Overall, it is a great choice for you, if you need a pickleball that makes little to no sound.

Additional Information About Pickleball

There is some additional information that might interest you about pickleball other than the types of pickleball. For instance, did you know that USAPA has specified some requirements that must be met before you can use a pickleball?  You Can also check the Best Pickleball Shirts.

USAPA Approved Pickleballs

USAPA is an organization that governs pickleball and it has a list of balls that are approved for tournament plays. This list contains around 61 balls of various colors, styles, and manufacturers but it has standard definitions which contain weight and size. According to the standards, the pickleball must be according to standard weight and size. There is a debate that a ball must be of one color however, it depends upon the color of the court. Normally, they tend to be yellow, white, or orange depending upon the color of the court.

The Best Pickleball Manufacturers

Some of the key players when it comes to pickleball manufacturers are Wilson Sporting Goods, Onix, and GAMMA. The TRU 32 of Wilson’s has been known to bring out the best components of pickleball and was added to the list in 2019. It is made using a mold and thermoplastic resin while having equally distributed 32 holes. Onix DURA Fast 40 is one of the highest quality pickleball and has 40 holes. It is so fast that it was the only ball played in some leagues during tournament play.  You Can also check the Best Pickleball Gloves.


Pickleball is still evolving and it has become hard to pinpoint what would be the best choice for a player. However, if you are playing in the tournament then you can tend to the list provided by the USAPA. During normal plays, if you become curious about what kind of ball is used in pickleball, then hopefully now you have the answer to it.  You Can also check the Best Pickleball Sets.


  1. What is the official pickleball ball?

The official pickleball of the USA is  Franklin X-40. In all the US Open Pickleball Championships., the same pickleball is used. The name comes from 40 precisely drilled balls in this perfect pickleball which is widely used as outdoor pickleball.

  1. What ball do pro pickleball players use?

According to the survey,  Dura Fast 40 pickleball is used by the most professional and competitive players.

  1. Are all pickleball balls the same?

No, indoor pickleball is different from the ones used for outdoor pickleball. In indoor games, the balls used are soft and quiet while the outdoor pickleball is hard and loud.

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