What Is Padel Tennis? – A 10 Minutes Guide To Beginner Players 

Padel is a blending of squash and tennis. It is a sport played as a duo. In Padel tennis the ball used to play the game is similar to that of tennis but instead of using tennis rackets, we use Padel bats, that is one reason why we call it Padel tennis. Padel tennis is a game vastly played in Mexico; it has its origin in Mexico.

In recent times, Padel tennis has gained wide popularity in Spain, and currently, it is the second most played sport in Spain after football. This is the game played on almost 5 continents of the world and is increasingly gaining popularity in the field of sports. Also, check the Pickleball Serving Rules.

Padel is a fun game, almost everyone despite their age can play this game. Tactics and techniques to play Padel tennis are easier to adopt and easier to learn. In Padel tennis, you earn points based on strategy rather than strength. 

Padel Tennis Court:

Padel tennis is a sport that has its roots in tennis. Tennis requires a wide court to play, whereas, in Padel tennis, you do not require a wide court to play. The court is comparatively smaller than that of a tennis court. Padel tennis is enclosed and has glass sides. 

Patel court, in terms of dimensions, is approximately 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. Court’s backside walls are made of glass which is approximately 4 meters. Also, check the Pickleball Court Rules.

The Padel court is divided by a net, making it two sides for players with a height of almost 88 centimeters. 

Double formats are recommended to play Padel tennis, but single courts are also functional; the single court is 20 m x 6 m.

Padel Racquet and Padel Ball:

The game is pretty easy to play and easy to learn; this is one reason that makes it a fun sport and addictive to play. 

  • The racquet of Padel is short and stainless. 
  • It also has an elastic exterior with holes.
  • In Padel, the service is done underarm.

Shots in Padel tennis are played before or after the ball bounces off the encircling glass walls. This adds a distinctive dimension to the game. Also, read the How to Become a Professional Pickleball Player?

Furthermore, the balls used to play Padel are similar to the ones used to play tennis. The major differences between the balls of both sports are pressure and strength. Whereas tennis needs enough pressure to strike the ball, Padel requires less pressure. Balls are identical in color and shape, but they are small in size. Padel balls are slightly smaller and have less bounce. Tennis balls can be used to play Padel, but they are often not recommended.

Scoring in Padel:

The scoring in Padel is the same as in tennis, but the rules of Padel, strokes, and strategies are different.

Padel has the same scoring as the tennis scoring system, but there are a few distinctions:

World Padel Tournament in 2020 presented the”Golden Point”, a unique scoring procedure for significant games. 

This method is also taken up to judge the players of non-professional tournaments as well. 

Some characteristics of the golden point in Padel: 

  • The golden point happens when the game is tied between players.
  • The receiving team decides whether the service will be done from the right or left. 
  • The team winning that first single shot is declared as the winning team. 

Players in Padel

Padel courts are created so that four players can play the game.  The size of a Padel court is 25% smaller than that of a tennis court. Keeping the speed of the game in mind and the small size of the court, it is difficult to play single matches which is why vastly Padel games have two teams of players. Also, read How to Get Better at Pickleball?

On a professional level, duos play on the World Padel Tour (WPT). It is one of the biggest competitions for professional players.

Padel vs. Paddle Tennis

Padel and Paddle tennis, as the names indicate, are two highly similar yet two different sports. 

Paddle Tennis

  • Paddle tennis is commonly played till 7 or 11 points, and from those points, you have to win by two or more than two points.
  • Moreover, in Paddle Tennis, there isn’t anything like a ‘match tie’ thing like in, Padel, where a padel gold point is used to select the team to be the winner decided on the single shot.
  • Paddle tennis is mainly played across America, mostly in Florida and New York.
  • Furthermore, a thin racket is used while playing Paddle tennis and the ball used is spongy soft.
  • Paddle tennis is played on shorter courts and has stringless racquets. 
  • Serving in Paddle tennis depends on the player’s style. 


  • Padel is a duo game. Its major goal is to push your opponent into making a mistake and let them return the ball before it bounces twofold.
  • Courts in Padel are enclosed with glass sides and are usually smaller than tennis courts.
  • Rules in Padel are similar to tennis.
  • Padel originated from Mexico but is widely gaining popularity around the world. 
  • Underhanded or underarm service is necessary. 
  • Thick racquets are used.
  • Balls used are smaller and have low pressure for Padel.
Padel  Paddle Tennis
Origin Mexico Florida/New York 
Where it is player Spain and in almost 5 continents of the world  USA mainly
Court Size Smaller than a tennis court specifically half third of tennis court
Serving Underhand underhand/depends on player’s style
Paddles used Thick paddles thin paddles
Balls used tennis balls they are lower in pressure  spongy balls
Area can be played indoor and outdoor both  indoor as well as outdoor 
Number of total players four players, each team having two players two players
Number of worldwide courts approximately 10,000 a few hundred


Padel and Paddle tennis are two identical but very different games. Where Padel requires two teams to play a game, Paddle tennis requires just two players to start the game. Comparing both the sports, Padel seems to stand out, as it is widely played across the world and seemingly increasing wider public interest. Whereas, Paddle tennis is a sport played locally and is only popular in America. Also, check the What is the Kitchen in Pickleball?

Furthermore, Padel is gaining more and more popularity with the passing of time and is becoming a social game, it is also fun to play and almost every person can play Padel. 


  • Can you say Padel and Paddle tennis are the same sports?

Padel and Paddle tennis are two different types of sports. Both the games have different origins and are different in the sense of playing.

  • What differentiates Padel from Paddle Tennis?

One of the significant differences is that of a court. Padel is played in an enclosed court with four glass walls in the surroundings. The court is larger than a Paddle Tennis court.

  • Is Padel a popular spot?

Yes, Padel is gaining popularity worldwide as it is fun to play and easier to learn. Though, Padel is yet not an Olympic sport.

  • Can Padel and Paddle Tennis be played with a tennis ball?

No. Padel and Paddle tennis both have their particular balls to play with. A low-pressure tennis ball is required for Padel and a soft spongy ball is used for Paddle Tennis.

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