Tennis Court Dimensions & Size in Feet

A tennis court is a medium used to host the sport of tennis. It is a tight rectangular, constructed surface with a downward net extending across the court’s center. These surfaces can be utilized to host doubles as well as singles games. Different types of surfaces can be used to build a tennis court. Possessing distinct characteristics can affect and influence the player’s playing style. Also, check the Tennis String Gauge.

We aim to provide you an insight into the whole tennis court-building process for a much better understanding of the game:

How long is a tennis court? Tennis court measurements:

Tennis court dimensions are handled and regulated by ITF (International Tennis Federation) as its governing body. Tennis court dimensions are usually measured in feet. The dimensions and measurements of tennis courts are described below:

Tennis Court Dimensions In Feet 

The length of a tennis court is approximately 78ft. Single match courts are 27ft. Whereas doubles courts are 36ft. The service line of the court from the net is approximately 21ft. Extra evident and clear areas around the court are required for players to reach and strike the overrun balls. This space is almost 60ft or 18m wide and 120ft or 37m long. Also, read How to Choose a Tennis Racket?

Width of tennis court

Tennis courts are 23.77m long. Single-match courts are 8.23m wide. While double-match courts are 10.97m wide.

Tennis courts are split into two equivalent areas with the help of a net held up by a cable connected to two net posts. This net between the center is 1.07m tall and is completely extended to fill the room between the two end posts.

How many square feet is a tennis court?

The surface area of single courts is 2,106 square feet. While for doubles, it is 2,808 square feet.

Area of tennis courts

  • The Left and right service boxes made by the center service line create two equal-sized boxes (21ft x 13.5ft which is 283.5 sqft)
  • Doubles alleys are the area between singles and doubles sidelines (39ft x 4.5ft which is 175.5sqft)
  • No man’s land is one of the largest boxes in the court and is between the baseline and service line. This area is typically closer to the net and is most difficult to play in (18ft x 27ft which is 486sqft)

Standard Tennis Court Size

A standard tennis court needs 36.58m which is 120ft by 18.29m which is 60ft, or 668.9m² (7,200ft²).

A tournament court needs 39.62m which is 130 in feet by 21.34m and 70 in feet, or 845.42m² (9,100ft²), giving space for match referees and player overrun. Almost 1½ acres of land is required to build a tennis court, and not less than that.

Are all tennis courts the same size?  

As defined by the ITF rules, all recreational and professional courts ought to be of the same sizes. Though, apart from these two, there are a few exceptional courts that can follow other patterns.

Courts In Your Home Or Backyard 

If you have space in your home and desire to install a good tennis court in your home or in your yard, then you can design your own court. You are not obligated to follow the ITF-approved standard tennis court dimensions.

Real Tennis

Real tennis used to be the actual racquet sport. This is the game that, in reality, introduced the modern game of tennis. There are merely 48 real tennis courts in the world, and it is a really big deal to find a suitable court. There are no determinate regulations about the size of tennis courts. Most courts are nearly 96ft or 29.3m long and 32ft or 9.8m or wide.  This means real tennis courts are somewhat longer and narrower than common tennis courts. Also, read the How To Choose Tennis Strings?

Best Tennis Court Surface  

There are three main varieties of tennis court surfaces: grass, clay, and hard. Grass courts provide fast-paced games. While clay courts tend to slow down the game but the softer surface delivers a higher bounce. Both grass courts and clay courts require high maintenance. As for a hard court, they are more on the low-maintenance side.


The construction of the tennis courts is a difficult job. By following the dimensions provided and approved by ITF, you can build professional tennis courts. We have tried to cover every aspect, dimension, and measurement in this article that can further help you out in understanding the layout of the tennis courts.


  • What size is a tennis court?

Tennis courts are rectangular shaped and 23.77 meters long. These dimensions are regulated by ITF.

  • Are all tennis courts the same size?

Recreational and professional tennis courts are of the same sizes and follow the same given dimensions and measurement patterns. Besides these two, the courts are constructed in the backyard, and the Junior courts don’t require these measurements.

  • Square feet of tennis courts?

The single court’s surface is 2,106 square feet. While for doubles, it is 2,808 square feet.

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