How to Play Pickleball for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide

Pickleball continues to gain popularity in America. Young and older adults are embracing this hybrid of paddle sports as an exciting and fun way to stay active. Here’s everything you need to know about pickleball for those interested in trying a new sport. Pickleball is a great sport that is gaining popularity right now. Here is a brief introduction to what it is and how you can get started! So give a full read to our article if you want to know how to play pickleball for beginners.

What Is Pickleball?

The beach was the perfect place for me to play pickleball as a teenager with my friends. We would play match after match, even creating our competition brackets and playoff games. Despite my competitive nature, afternoons and evenings would stretch into the evening before my parents would drag me home for dinner. That game was awesome! Are you wondering what pickleball is? Are my friends and I just making this up? Not at all. You will have a great time playing pickleball! In many ways, it can be seen as a mixture of table tennis and badminton. You’ll need a net, a court, paddles, and a lightweight ball. Whether you are a school-aged child or an elderly retiree, pickleball can be played singles or doubles.

In comparison to tennis courts, a smaller court allows for more compact play. Nevertheless, pickleball is a great way to enjoy the outdoors because it’s non-threatening. While you play the entertaining game, you won’t realize that you’re exercising!

Basic Things you Need

I will be that person for you over the internet if you cannot find anyone who can help you get started. I’ve outlined what you’ll need below. Everything will be discussed in detail later in the article.

Little Bit of Game Knowledge

Any racket sport you have played before, including tennis, ping pong, or badminton, puts you at an advantage. Don’t worry if you haven’t! Just by playing pickleball, you will learn how to play it. Beginners can also learn how to play pickleball at various beginner-friendly locations.

Pickleball Paddle 

As pickleball players, we rely on the pickleball paddle every day. As you progress through your pickleball journey, you will need to own this primary piece of equipment. This is the centerpiece of the room. Let me give you some basic information before we get into more detail. Like other sports equipment, pickleball paddles can be made from various materials. Aluminum core paddles are also available from some manufacturers. Fiberglass is often used as a covering on paddles, while graphite is used as a finishing material. There are many types of paddles available. Their prices typically range from $20 to $150, and their quality varies greatly. Here you will find information about paddles and recommendations for the best ones.

Pickleball Paddle 

Pickleball Shoes

To play pickleball, you will need a pair of pickleball shoes. The bottom of pickleball shoes is designed to provide traction and grip on the court. It facilitates safe and rapid movement for players. As an added benefit, pickleball shoes provide extra cushioning and support around the ankle and heel areas, so injuries can be prevented. Also, court shoes keep players incredible because they’re comfortable and breathable.

Pickleball Shoes

Where Place to Buy

The pickleball equipment can be purchased online, at sporting goods stores, and even in department stores. You can find pickleball gear on Amazon since it has a lot of customer reviews and ratings, which make it easy to determine what to buy (and what not to).

Beginner’s guide to pickleball

Anyone who has never played racquet sports can quickly learn pickleball basics. How can you begin learning pickleball? Keep reading to find out.

Pickleball rules: learn them here.

Before playing pickleball, you should understand some basic rules. There aren’t many rules to pickleball, so it’s pretty easy to learn them. There is a 36-inch net in the center of the 20 feet by 44 feet court. Both teams start the game by serving the ball diagonally to their opponent’s court. For the other team to hit the serve, it must be underhand and bounce once. The ball is passed back and forth until it is hit out of bounds or stopped by the net, usually by the team that does not serve the ball. If these things happen, you will score a point. As a general rule, beginners play pickleball to 11 points, but if it reaches 10-10, the game ends after two points have been scored by one team.

Finding a Pickleball Mentor

You can get started in pickleball by finding a mentor. Having someone explain pickleball 101 to you may make you feel more comfortable. It is also possible to learn from your own experiences and others. It is also possible to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing other new players is easier when you join a pickleball club. It will be an opportunity for you to interact with people already engaged in this sport and pick up some techniques from them. Pickleball mentors can be found in several ways. Contact your friends or family if you don’t know anyone who can help. Online searches can help you locate pickleball groups and organizations near you. Finally, an online forum may provide you with a mentor.

Pickleball Tips For Beginners

Wear Comfortable Clothes

While flip-flops and jeans are acceptable for pickleball, it’s best not to wear them. Put on your favorite stretchy pants and exercise top and get ready to play like you would for any other sport. You won’t feel restricted as you move across the court. “Wear clothes that will facilitate your movement,” Dutrieuille advises. Pickleball is also an option if you don’t want to change after work. “Pickleball is so accessible because there is no set standard,” he says. You can play in just about anything when you’ve got the right footwear. He recommends wearing tennis shoes made for court play. Your feet should never be messed with. It is not a good idea to wear running shoes when moving laterally because they cannot provide the needed stability.

Call the Ball

You should yell “mine” before you hit the ball. The best way to ensure your partner gets the item is to yell, “yours!” Personal trainer Daniel Maman says shouting “yours!” throughout the match will help you communicate. Middle shots, which fly directly between you, are also important to decide who returns them. As Maman suggests, it may be helpful to agree on who gets the ball closest to him or her or who can hit the best forehand shot. Following this tip will prevent disputes over whose ball should have gotten.

Have Fun

Despite pickleball’s reputation for competitive play, it’s easy to play almost anywhere with minimal equipment and little knowledge. Playing the game should not be taken too seriously as you learn, so enjoy your game. You should practice serving and returning shots, but the main focus should be on having fun.

Stay Light On Your Feet

The same as when playing tennis, it helps to keep your feet up on the balls. This tip will improve your agility and ability to respond to shots and serves. When walking, notice whether you are on your balls or your heels, says Dutrieuille. It is much easier to move around on the court if you focus on moving on the balls of your feet.”

Things you Need to Know About Pickleball Game

Don’t Be Afraid to Move Forward

You’ll likely be inclined to stay back when you first step on the court. A typical newbie plays at the edge instead of driving towards the net, which is how most newcomers play. Move closer to the action, and don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Getting closer to the net will give you a better chance of scoring. You should hang towards the back of your opponents and keep hitting long drives. Otherwise, move forward and play.

Mix Up Your Shots

Playing pickleball requires you to practice drop shots. Nevertheless, many beginners cannot master this skill, and many others, once they get onto the court. They stick to the basics because they fear taking on something more challenging. The key to being a formidable opponent is to mix up your shots. Try to keep the other player or team guessing by using all the techniques you learn in practice.

Don’t Always Go For the Glory

Likewise, beginners dream of the big shot that will win the game, but they are nearly always mistaken. The trickiest shots can be attempted occasionally, as we previously mentioned. You won’t win the game if you always hit the ball at the end of a volley. Make sure you mix up your methods while also being smart. It is sometimes best to take the simplest shot. In addition, don’t go for the glory every time you have the ball — only when you are confident you can score.

Rules of Pickleball

Playing pickleball on a court is a court sport. While the game is similar to tennis, its rules are more like table tennis or badminton. In the first round, one side serves a pickleball, hitting it with a wooden paddle or plastic paddle.

An underhanded swing is required to serve the ball properly by keeping one foot behind the backline. Further, the player must aim for the service court and clear the no-volley zone.

In a right-handed court, service begins. The maximum number of faults is one.

The opposing team serves once for each player when competing in doubles.

The pickleball must bounce at least once before being hit by a paddle on both sides. A volley is allowed after the no-volley zone ends, in which players must hit the ball without letting it bounce.

Points are only scored by players or teams when they are serving. There can be no more than two points between two players during a pickleball game. Pickleball Strategies

It may be helpful if you have some pickleball strategies if you are a new player. Keeping these tips in mind will help you succeed on the court. A weak forehand or backhand can be exploited by serving on their weak side. Ideally, the service should be delivered deep in the court. The key is not to overdo it.

Whenever you return a volley, make sure you are ready to respond.

The middle of the court is the best place to hit the ball when playing doubles. It will lead to potential errors on the part of your opponents as they decide who is going for the ball.

Use a different type of shot to surprise your opponent. Before presenting a surprise, always use the same type.

The ball should not hit your opponent. Make them move with your shots!

Two Important Rules to Know

When you play pickleball, you need to know two basic rules. You will receive assistance during your time in the courts, but you should know the rules in advance. Suppose you forget these rules and mess up. Do not worry about it. These are sometimes difficult, even for experienced players!

The Kitchen Rule 

Pickleball is infamous for this rule. The kitchen area on the court is 7 feet from the net on each side (also called the non-volley zone). A nutshell explanation of the kitchen rule is as follows: “It is not allowed to volley a ball when your feet or momentum are inside the kitchen or if you step into the kitchen while hitting the ball.” You hit the ball in midair before it bounces to make a volley. To hit a bounced ball in the kitchen, step into the kitchen safely. Volleying it while it hasn’t hit the ground is a fault in the kitchen. Volleys are the only ones that require this. In the kitchen, after the ball bounces, you can use it whenever you like. To avoid people smashing everything over the net, this rule exists. There’s no way that’s possible. The kitchen rule prevents this. When standing behind the kitchen line, position your feet 1-2 inches back. You should force yourself not to step forward when you volley a ball. Gradually accustoming yourself to it is the best way to train yourself. We all make mistakes in the kitchen, trust me. It was something I did several times as a beginner.

The Double Bounce Rule

This notorious rule always catches beginners. In my beginning days, this rule would often catch me off guard. There’s nothing more hilarious than when someone doesn’t understand the rule because it’s straightforward. The rules are as follows: “When a ball bounces twice, it is referred to as the double bounce rule.” In this case, the return server cannot volley the ball once it is served. When returning the ball to the serving team, the returned server cannot hit it out of mid-air. This is the reason the “double bounce rule” is named so. Before a volley can begin, the ball must bounce on both sides one time. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? It’s hard to disagree with my former pickleball beginner self. Getting used to this one can be challenging since it’s pretty easy to forget. There is also a lot of temptation to catch balls in the air. Whenever you or your partner serve a ball, be conscious not to step too far forward. You can avoid volleying the ball by staying back in the court.

Wrapping Up:

You should now be more comfortable playing pickleball after reading this guide. When starting with pickleball, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. As you work on each of the minute details one by one, they will reveal themselves to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is pickleball easy to learn?

Answer: The popularity of pickleball is rising in the United States. Tennis, badminton, and ping-pong are all incorporated into the game. This game is easy to learn and is suitable for beginners, but it can also evolve into a fast-paced, competitive game for players with more experience.

Question 2: What’s harder, tennis or pickleball?

Answer: Despite its ease of play, pickleball still has its strains. As a result of the game’s many shots, players are required to bend over for many of them, which can be quite painful for their lower backs.

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