Amazing Benefits of Playing Tennis – Awesome Benefits

According to USTA, the United States Tennis Association,4 million more people participated in tennis in 2020 as compared to the number of participants in 2019.

People have moved from gadgets and online games to physical activities like tennis, ping pong, pickleball, football, and other outdoor games. It has not been restricted to professionals only; celebrities like Nicky Jams, Emma Roberts, Winnie Harlow, and many others have been practicing tennis on the court.

So the question arises here why do people love tennis, and what are the benefits of playing tennis?

Benefits of Playing Tennis and why do people love it

Playing tennis is always fun and exciting and mindful as it releases serotonin hormone in your body, which is the biggest source of happiness feeling. It is one of the most favorite racquet sports out there. Tennis is played in singles and doubles and can be played for entertainment and stress relief. Besides this, do you know there are other benefits of playing tennis relating to your fitness that provides physical and mental stability? And you must have asked yourself about the physical benefits of playing tennis. Well, this is exactly what we are going to talk about here. Tennis is a challenging and mindful sport, and you need practice and patience to master it. Tennis requires a lot of running around the court and the use of muscles to strike the ball, which tends to stimulate muscle movements.

In this article, we are going to talk about the many health benefits of tennis, how it decreases the risk of heart disease and weight loss, and how it is a good sport to strengthen your fitness.

Physical benefits of playing tennis:

Playing tennis merely for 3 hours a day lowers your chances of cardiovascular disease. Besides this, playing tennis has many health benefits, which is why it is an excellent physical activity for workout purposes regardless of age.

Let’s talk about some of those benefits:

Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease:

Any kind of aerobic activity strengthens your heart and prevents different sorts of heart diseases. Running around the court, leaping for the flawless swing, and running for the balls to strike increase your heart rate when you play tennis.

Playing tennis also keeps your respiratory system fit.

You breathe deeper and rather faster when your heart rate increases. Increasing blood flow and oxygen in your whole body reinforces your cardiovascular system. Playing tennis also decreases the mortality risk.

Shapes your body:

Playing tennis benefits in burning fat and calories, and you achieve a fine body shape. You see, many tennis players have an ideal slim body shape due to playing tennis which keeps you fit and rather good-looking. When you move and run a lot you not just burn fat and calories but also enhance your metabolism. So, if you are looking for a fun and exciting way to shape your body, this particular racquet sport will help you achieve your goal.

Boost Muscle Movement:

Playing tennis boosts up your muscle movements when a player runs around to strike the ball. It is a fact that playing tennis requires a lot of muscle power, even if the racket you use for playing is heavy. It is obvious when you play with such a heavy racket; your muscles are required to generate more power.

Not just the tennis racquet, but even the tennis ball itself makes your muscles move when you run to chase the ball. This stimulates muscle movement and improves your stamina.

Improve flexibility:

When you play tennis, your whole body stays alert and body parts work altogether. For instance, your arms and hands prepare for the ball to strike, whereas your feet position themselves accordingly. And your body parts cooperate in hitting the ball correctly. Jumping over the net and extending your arms wide to strike the tennis ball increases flexibility. This also prevents muscle strain and unfortunate injuries.

Lower The Risk Of Osteoporosis:

Do you know your bone mass starts to decrease after the age of 30 and increases the risk of osteoporosis? You often join a gym in order to stay fit and do exercises to gain bone mass. Playing tennis helps you in both staying fit and also bolsters your bones. It is a way of doing exercise to help you maximize your bone mass and increase density.

Boost immunity:

Playing tennis is a kind of physical training or activity that prevents bacteria from attacking our bodies. It expels harmful bacteria out of our lungs that are responsible for cold-related infections. Physical exercise also causes a significant change in blood composition. Physical exercise results in increased blood circulation hence white blood cells also increase and help fight bacteria and viruses more quickly and optimally hence boosting our immunity.

Play Tennis For Weight Loss: 

A beneficial cardio workout sport to help you lose weight. You run, move, and stretch while playing tennis. This serves the purpose of a good workout that you do in the gym. It not only protects your heart but helps you in losing weight as well. A report suggests playing tennis a day helps you in burning 500 calories. This does not even require a changed diet, just a few rounds of tennis. However, to maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat healthy to stay fit.

Promotes Agility:

Tennis requires hitting the ball in a short time. It doesn’t matter the distance. You need to respond as quickly as possible in the direction of the ball. These quick movements accumulate the agility of the player and improve your balance.

Hand And Eye Coordination:

An increased degree of hand-eye coordination, the ability to aim and hit the ball effectively, and good timing are required in tennis. For all this, you need to have great control over your body parts and must be conscious of your movements.

While playing, the ball goes everywhere around your body. You use your hand in perfect rhythm and according to the ball movements is something tennis prepares you for. The judgment of the ball and usage of your hand to strike the ball improves your hand and eye coordination.

Relieves stress:

Stress is something that makes us physically exhausted and frustrated. Playing tennis helps us in relieving stress. All the jumping, chasing the ball, and running around the court distract us from the mental stress that relaxes our minds as well as our bodies. When playing, our minds are compelled to concentrate on the ongoing game and the hand to strike the ball perfectly. Tennis players tend to stay happy and anxiety free than any other sports players. You can safely say that tennis is a stress reliever pill.

Vitamin D exposure:

Your body needs a certain amount of Vitamin D exposure. It is one of the essential vitamins in our body. Also, it provides you with a stronger immune system and a good heart and reduces the chances of developing any kind of cancer. Still, many people are deficient in this critical nutrient.

The most important function of vitamin D is bone mineralization to make the bones stronger and healthier. Strong bones mean stronger body functions. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium in our body. As we know, calcium is one of the most important minerals for normal body functioning. Sun gives us Vitamin D; when you play tennis outdoors, your body gets exposed to Vitamin D. However, you have to be cautious because UV radiation can get transmitted into your body from increased sun exposure. To stay on the safer side, always wear sunscreen.

Pleasing social interaction:

Tennis is a two or four-player game, and when you play it with a partner you are cordial with, your mental health improves. Your mental health boosts from the face by face interaction and decreases the chances of depression and stress.

The social factor of playing tennis with a companion has an impact on your physical health as well. Little or no interaction with people results in high blood pressure in adults. There are also chances of heart disease and other health-related issues. Playing tennis with a partner can help to decrease these issues.


Playing tennis has some extraordinary benefits for your health. From mental to social to physical, this racquet sport is ideal for every person looking to benefit from it. Playing tennis helps you with weight loss, stimulates your muscle movements, provides you with ease, and relieves stress. What more benefits can you anticipate from such a fine sport? It is your sign to go out and start playing tennis with your pals.


Is tennis a good workout?

Tennis is a good cardiovascular workout and improves muscle strength, improves balance, improves eye and hand coordination as well as agility. It is a sport suitable for every age group.

Does tennis help you in losing weight?  

Weight loss is one of the benefits tennis players get the most. While playing tennis, you run a lot, move around and stretch. This helps you in burning fats and calories.

How many calories do you burn playing tennis?  

You burn approximately 300 to 500 calories in a day if you are a recreational player. Whereas professional players burn 575 to 775 calories a day.

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